Legends of the Wulin - Dragons Ascendant

Episode 3

The Flower and the Nut

Making their way to Xao Fei Hill, the Shining Steel Eagles are witness to a strange contraption exploding. The creator of this device is none other than Mad Luan Qiu of the Blue Flame Branch of the Falling Leaves Society.

Luan Qiu and Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu verbally dance around each other until the mad inventor reveals his knowledge: The Imperial Seals Ghost Hand Shao seeks were the subject of a prediction: They should remain hidden until the retainers of the last Han Emperor died.

In turn, Ghost Hand Shao reveals his own secret: He quests not on behalf of the Jin or the Han, for if neither of these groups can cure what ails the land of Shen Zhou, he shall claim the throne himself.

Destiny Awarded: 3



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