Legends of the Wulin - Dragons Ascendant

Episode 4

Lunch and Secrets

The Shining Steel Eagles take lunch with Mad Luan Qiu, who tells them more of the Imperial Seals. In return, Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu expounds upon his philosophy: That corruption is spreading throughout the land of Shen Zhou, and given the logical perfection of Heaven and the Dao, the source of this corruption must be the point where Heaven meets Earth: The Emperor.

Shadowed Miku reveals her own secret: She carries a second shard of jade, stolen from an orphanage when she worked with a gang of thieves.

With lunch and revelations finished, the group sets out once more, guided by Luan Qiu to the city of Thrashing Minister, the last bastion of Han supporters and those most likely to have knowledge of the whereabouts of the Seals.



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