Legends of the Wulin - Dragons Ascendant

The Han Dynasty has fallen. There is no doubt about this.

But what comes after? The Jin, self-proclaimed rulers of Shen Zhou, have held the throne in usurpation for decades now. Without the Mandate of Heaven, their rule cannot be legitimate. To be proclaimed so, they must gather the Imperial Seals.

But the Seals were lost in the Time of Chaos between the dynasties. Over the years, many have sought them, Han, Jin, and independent. But the land of Shen Zhou is vast, and if any have found them, they have kept it secret.

It is always the way of the Wulin that true change stems from an unlikely source. We join one such unlikely source as he stops for refreshment and provisions in a small town, little more than a wide spot with a teahouse and a shop.

Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu, a heretic from the Dragon Well monastery. He, too, quests for the Imperial Seals. The money he possessed has bought him, if not friends, at least protectors:

Immense Zang Gan, an orphan skilled in the ways of herbs and meridians, and an adherent to the teachings of the Buddha,

Shadowed Miku, a bodyguard hired from the Eagle Talons, whose past is shrouded in mystery and danger,

and Qin Luō Bin, another bodyguard from the infamous Blood Wind Cult, favored of Demon Wolf Princess.

Together, they are the Shining Steel Eagles, and their deeds shall shake the heavens.



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