Mad Luan Qiu

Inventor from the Blue Flame Branch of the Falling Leaves Society


Mad Luan Qiu seems to bear no weapon and wear no armor, but he is familiar with the ways of the Wulin, and seemed unperturbed at greeting the Shining Steel Eagles while parts of his latest invention were still raining from the sky.

  • His father was predictionist for the last Han emperor, responsible for the prophecy hiding the Imperial Seals from discovery.
  • He is a prolific and useful inventor, but most of his inventions explode at least twice during development.
  • He collects monkey figurines.
  • Cordial, Upright, Courteous, Temperate, and Complaisant Secret: Mad Luan Qiu is not enamored of either the Jin or the Han.

Mad Luan Qiu

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