Legends of the Wulin - Dragons Ascendant

Episode 5

Traveling the Blazing Peony Road towards the Grand Canals and Thrashing Minister, the Shining Steel Eagles encounter a column of Jin troops marching the same way. The young general in charge, Teng Li, offers the group a ride in his carriage. As they accept, they make the acquaintance of the general’s concubine: Moonlight Mirror.

Episode 4
Lunch and Secrets

The Shining Steel Eagles take lunch with Mad Luan Qiu, who tells them more of the Imperial Seals. In return, Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu expounds upon his philosophy: That corruption is spreading throughout the land of Shen Zhou, and given the logical perfection of Heaven and the Dao, the source of this corruption must be the point where Heaven meets Earth: The Emperor.

Shadowed Miku reveals her own secret: She carries a second shard of jade, stolen from an orphanage when she worked with a gang of thieves.

With lunch and revelations finished, the group sets out once more, guided by Luan Qiu to the city of Thrashing Minister, the last bastion of Han supporters and those most likely to have knowledge of the whereabouts of the Seals.

Episode 3
The Flower and the Nut

Making their way to Xao Fei Hill, the Shining Steel Eagles are witness to a strange contraption exploding. The creator of this device is none other than Mad Luan Qiu of the Blue Flame Branch of the Falling Leaves Society.

Luan Qiu and Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu verbally dance around each other until the mad inventor reveals his knowledge: The Imperial Seals Ghost Hand Shao seeks were the subject of a prediction: They should remain hidden until the retainers of the last Han Emperor died.

In turn, Ghost Hand Shao reveals his own secret: He quests not on behalf of the Jin or the Han, for if neither of these groups can cure what ails the land of Shen Zhou, he shall claim the throne himself.

Destiny Awarded: 3

Episode 2
The Tiger of the Forest

Travelling the road to Magnificent Ink, our heroes are beset by Courageous Ban Gong and his Eastern Canal Boys who had pestered them in the previous town. The largely incompetent gang of bandits is joined by a hireling: Tiger Claw Feng, a Wulin fighter of some skill. Winning handily and magnanimously leaving all parties involved with their lives, the Shining Steel Eagles proceed to Magnificent Ink, where they hear tales of a Mad Luan Qiu being responsible for explosions on the nearby Xiao Fei Hill.

Destiny awarded: 2

Episode 1
The Shard and The Wall

Supping in a low-quality teahouse, our heroes are interrupted by a gang of miscreants trying to seize a woman’s valuables. After a vigorous objection, our heroes learn of the woman’s quest: To deliver a Jade Shard to Master Luan Qiu. Unable to muster the courage to complete her task, the woman entrusted the Shard to Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu.

Destiny Awarded: 2

The Story So Far

The Han Dynasty has fallen. There is no doubt about this.

But what comes after? The Jin, self-proclaimed rulers of Shen Zhou, have held the throne in usurpation for decades now. Without the Mandate of Heaven, their rule cannot be legitimate. To be proclaimed so, they must gather the Imperial Seals.

But the Seals were lost in the Time of Chaos between the dynasties. Over the years, many have sought them, Han, Jin, and independent. But the land of Shen Zhou is vast, and if any have found them, they have kept it secret.

It is always the way of the Wulin that true change stems from an unlikely source. We join one such unlikely source as he stops for refreshment and provisions in a small town, little more than a wide spot with a teahouse and a shop.

Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu, a heretic from the Dragon Well monastery. He, too, quests for the Imperial Seals. The money he possessed has bought him, if not friends, at least protectors:

Immense Zang Gan, an orphan skilled in the ways of herbs and meridians, and an adherent to the teachings of the Buddha,

Shadowed Miku, a bodyguard hired from the Eagle Talons, whose past is shrouded in mystery and danger,

and Qin Luō Bin, another bodyguard from the infamous Blood Wind Cult, favored of Demon Wolf Princess.

Together, they are the Shining Steel Eagles, and their deeds shall shake the heavens.

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