Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu

Wandering scholar, seeker of the seals


Goes By: Ghost Hand Shao, whatever the alias of the moment is.
Rank: 4
Lake: 7 dice
River: 2 dice
Chi Refresh: 2
Chi Aura Limit: 2
Max Skill Bonus +10
Chi: 12

Chi Threshold: 17 (12 Chi + 5 Light Armor)

Archetype: Scholar


  • Chivalrous: 2
  • Malicious: 1

Benevolence (Kuan) 2
Force (Ba) 4
Honor (Xin) 3
Loyalty (Zhong) 1
Righteousness (Yi) 1
Ferocity (Bao) 1
Individualism (Si) 3
Obsession (Chan) 4
Revenge (Chou) 2
Ruthlessness (Hen) 4

Wanted by the Dragon Well Sect
Disguised Identity


  • Awareness +10
  • Inspire +5
  • Learning +10
  • Politics +10
  • Stealth +10
  • Wu Wei +10 (Specialty: Sense Chi (Loresheet Bonus))

External Kung Fu
Flowing Universe {Free}
Speed +10(5 + 5 Weapon), Footwork +10(5 + 5 Weapon), Strike +10 (5 + 5 Weapon), Damage +0, Block +10, Toughness +10.

  • Dragging Currents {5}: Successfully block a strike by 10 or more and you can Reply, inflicting 1 Ripple.

Internal Kung Fu
Removing Concepts

  • 1: Calm Heart Skill: Gain a +5 bonus to Awareness or Wu Wei. {Basic Technique, Free}
  • 2: Spontaneous Effort: You may perform a single minor action with one die instead of needing a set. {2}
  • 3: Clarity in Openness: +10 bonus on a single skill check. {3}

Secret Arts:
The Courtier’s Art

  • Passions and Inspirations {Free}: Recognize existing Passions and Inspirations with an Awareness roll when prompted by the Sage. Target can resist with Stealth or Confidence.
  • Extraordinary Courtier Techniques {Free}: Courier’s Secret Art techniques.
  • Cordial, Upright, Courteous, Temperate, and Complacent Technique {5}: Speak to someone for a full scene while observing the proper forms, and you automatically learn an interesting secret about them or the organization they represent.

The Scholar’s Art

  • Introduction to Predictionism {Free}: Understand the nature of Predictions.
  • Understanding the World {Free}, The Secret Art of Predictionism {Free}: You can make Predictions. This is normally an Extended action, though it can be hastened to 10 turns by taking a -10 penalty, or 5 turns by taking a -20 penalty. The Prediction can either inflict a Weakness on those who oppose it or give a Hyperactivity to those who further it; the Sage determines what the actual condition is (unless you roll a Critical success). Usual difficulty is 30, 40, or 60, depending on whether your interpretation is stretching things. Wu Wei is used to predict the actions of an individual, Politics for groups, Survival for nature, Tactics for military matters; other skills may also apply. Once you succeed at the Prediction roll, you must spend 1 point of Joss to make it stick.
  • Extraordinary Scholar Techniques {Free}: Scholar’s Secret Art techniques.
  • Passion and Inspiration Technique {3}: Use your knowledge of an existing Passion or Inspiration as a predictive tool.
  • Ultimate Prediction Technique {5}: On Critical success, make a Major Prediction instead of a Minor one!
  • Story of the I Ching {3}: Can use your Learning skill for all predictions where you use the I Ching.
    • {2 Fortune}: Shao has acquired an extraordinary I Ching; it grants +5 to predictions using it.

The Priest’s Art

  • Curses and Influences {Free}: Recognize existing Curses and Influences with a Wu Wei roll when prompted by the Sage. Target can resist this roll with Stealth or Wu Wei.
  • Extraordinary Daoist Techniques {Free}: Priest’s Secret Art techniques.


  • Light Armor (Scholar’s Robes): Travelworn, but still presentable; only the most ill-bred and ill-mannered would be so crass as to call them shabby. +5 to Chi threshold for damage purposes.
  • Unarmed: +5 to Speed and Footwork, can use Focus on Breath with only a single die. Also counts as Ranged due to the Infinite Universe secret; +5 Strike, can make attacks against foes in adjacent zones, can Flood a die from the River to make attacks against foes even further away (up to the limit of what the Sage feels reasonable).

The Mandate of Heaven {Cost 3, Total Cost 6}
Destiny {3}

Dragon Well Sect {Cost 5, Total Cost 10}
Involvement {3}: …
Bonus {0}: One time discount of 2 Destiny when buying Destiny Cloud Fist or Subtle Force as a secondary External style.
Technique {0}: Shao Jing-yu can learn all the techniques of the Removing Concepts style, rather than one of each level.
Technique {2 {2 Destiny}}: Infinite Universe. Half the reason they call him Ghost Hand.

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons (Cost 1)
{0}: Disguised Identity Disadvantage.
Bonus {0}: Gain Wu Wei Specialty: Sense Chi.

10/22/12: 5 earned Destiny spent.
11/11/12: 7 earned Destiny spent (+5 Stealth, Ultimate Prediction Technique); one Joss spent on Prediction. 4 Destiny remains.
MAJOR PREDICTION: Those in power have a -10 to notice skullduggery for one month!


Ghost Hand Shao is not particularly keen to talk much about himself, and when he does it’s usually lies and/or misdirection.

It is known that for a significant portion of his life, Shao Jing-yu was a member of the Dragon Well Sect, though it is likewise known that he is no longer in their good graces, and in fact they seem to be actively hunting him, though he hasn’t said why. And then there’s his brother…

These days, Shao Jing-yu roams the land, making connections, seeking lore, laying plans… and, of course, trying to avoid the eyes of Dragon Well Sect. Especially his annoyingly tenacious brother…

Ghost Hand Shao Jing-yu

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