Shadowed Miku

Five foot nothing brown haired brown eyed lady of simple clothes.

Archetype Courtier
Rank 4
Lake 7
River 2
Chi Replenishment 2
Chi Aura 2
Max Skill Bonus +10
Chi 12
Cultivation 5
Skills Bonus
Confidence +10
Awareness +05
Stealth +10
Finesse +10
Inspire +05
Wu Wei +10
Virtues Total
Benevolence (Kuan) 4
Ferocity (Bao) 1
Force (Ba) 4
Individualism (Si) 4
Honor (Xin) 4
Obsession (Chan) 1
Loyalty (Zhong) 4
Revenge (Chou) 1
Righteousness (Yi) 1
Ruthlessness (Hen) 1


  • Wanted by the Law
  • Wanted by former Criminal Clan
    External Kung-Fu:
  • Storm God’s Fury
    • Speed 10, Footwork +10, Strike +5(10), Damage 5(10), Block +0, Toughness +5
    • Laughs at: Versitile/reactive/adaptive styles.
    • Fears: Other Fast Styles, Unpredictable styles.
  • Shadow Catching (8 destiny)
    • Speed 10, Footwork +5, Strike +10 (15), Damage 5 (10), Block +0, Toughness +5
    • Laughs at: Fluidity, Excessive Yang energies
    • Fears Solid, Stable opposition, too much Yin energy.
      Internal Kung-Fu
  • Nine Sun Birds
    • Cry of the Golden Crow: +5 bonus to Speed
      Lore Sheets/Secret Arts/Etc: (15 Entanglement)
  • The Jiang Hu (0 Cost)
    • 2 Entanglement: You know how how to manuver the Criminal Underworld
  • The Wulin (0 Cost)
  • The Eagle Talons (5 Cost)
    • 3 Entanglement: Status: Member of the Talons
    • 0 Entanglement: Bonus: -2 Destiny discount on Shadow Catching Style
    • 0 Entanglement: Bonus: Can learn all techniques in Nine Sun Birds
  • Mohism (3 Entanglement)
    • 2 Entanglement 1 destiny: Secret: Courier’s tool of Wits
  • Power Relationships in Shen Zhou
  • The Courier’s Art: Free
    • The Story of Self: Free
    • The Secret Art of Intriuge (Free)
      • Controlling Passions (4 destiny)
        • Inflaming and Soothing Passions
        • Yin-Yang Technique (3 Destiny)
        • Stealty Work (1 Destiny)
  • Extraordinary Courtier Techniques (Free)
  • Introduction to Predictionism (free)
  • Curses and Influences (Free)

Special Weapon: (3 Destiny)
“The Calm and The Storm”
Paired Saber(s).
A pair of light sabers. One has a hilt decorated with an engraving of a calm sky, the other of Storm clouds.

  • +5 Strike
  • +5 Damage
  • If you Block an attack from an opponent in the same zone by 10 or more, you may Reply against that opponent
  • You Can Flood a die or set of dice from the River as a basis for a secondary attack
  • You may Flood a die from the River to force an immediate Rippling check if the Strike succeeds by 5 or more instead of 10. This may be done after the defender rolls

Birth Name: Kayuu Kyou-Miku
Goes by: Shadowed Miku
Description: Brown hair, brown eyed. Stands about 5 foot tall, and tends to dress in a simple tunic and pants, along with a simple set of wooden shoes. All in all, she strives to look quite plain in appearance.. with the exception of the matching curved blades sheathed behind her back, hilts down for a quick backhanded draw.

“You want to know where I came from, where I learned most of what I know? It’s true, I didn’t start in the Wulin, nor did I come from the settled life. I was a thief who maneuvered among the Lakes and Rivers. My partner and I were told to steal something from a location we weren’t familiar with, and that our target had to be hit with haste. My partner had done the leg work of checking out the target. We came in through a window on an upper floor of the building. We each split ways there, to find our targets, two separate safes. I broke into mine, found what I was sent after… then realized we were sent to loot an orphanage as one of the matrons confronted me… I got away, but felt guilty… I claimed I had not managed to get into the safe when Serpent Song Tao, my partner asked me. Then I confronted him about the purpose of this raid. When he couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer, I left the guild and my partner in the dust, determined to find my own way.”

Shadowed Miku

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